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5 common resume mistakes

Tips employers want you to know; find out the 5 Common resume mistakes when replying to employer’s ads online.

1. Spelling Errors:
Spelling errors are the most frequent reasons employers will not contact applicants. The more basic the errors, the less chance an employer will call. Those basic errors show you don’t pay attention to detail or you lack basic reading, writing, and spelling skills. Of course, you can run “Spell check” and “Grammar check,” but they will NOT locate the simple errors and they will not detect wrong words that are spelled right! After you’ve run those programs, do this: Read your resume out loud. Read every word. Have someone else read it, too.

2. Email:
Put your email address on your resume. Believe it or not; many applicants do NOT include their email addresses on their resumes! Employers who are reviewing 50 – 100 resumes will contact applicants online first. If you don’t have your email address on your resume, you will not be contacted. An email address that is “cute,” or “funny,” like: won’t cut it! Set up an account; use your name in your email address. Proofread it. Have someone else proofread it. Type your email address in a bold 12 pt. font like Times New Roman. Make sure your resume is typed in the same font; don’t get “artsy” with fonts that are hard to read.

3. Phone Number:
Put your best phone number on your resume. Don’t list your grandmother’s sister-in-law’s next door neighbor’s number! Indicate the number where you can be reached or where a voicemail/ message/text/ can safely be left. Do NOT let an employer hear that your mailbox is too full, or you haven’t set up a mailbox. Use a simple ring tone/answer message. No loud music! No toddlers! No offensive language! Give a prospective employer a good impression, not injured ear drums! There should be 10 digits in your phone number: 1-234-567-8910. If you’re in the US don’t forget to include your area code. If you’re outside the US, be sure to include your country code. You would be surprised at how many job seekers mistype their phone numbers, leaving one digit off the number; Example number without 10 digits 818-222-123. Make sure your phone number, like your email address, is in bold, 12pt font. If you’re using a resume template, make sure the spots for your email and phone number are in the right font size.

4. Best time to call:
Let an employer know the best time to reach you, then be available during that time. You already know it is likely you will first be contacted by email, so if you arrange a phone conference with a prospective employer, be there. Do NOT put him/her on speaker. Pull over to the side of the road if you are driving. If, for some reason, you can’t talk at that time, and you need a few minutes to get where you can talk, tell the employer. Be polite. “I’ve been looking forward to talking with you! Will you please give me to 10 minutes so I can give you my full attention and hear everything you have to say?”

5. List your City:
It’s okay to leave out your street address, but be sure to indicate your City and State/Country. Commuting or relocating could be factors in getting the job you want, so employers will benefit from knowing where you live when you submit your resume. It can be bold 12pt font, too.