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Welcome to a New Era of Streamlined Denture Fabrication

Are you and your patients dissatisfied with the long and tedious process of having dentures produced? Are your patients finding discomfort in making numerous visits to finally receive a well-fitting denture? The solution is here. DENTCA has developed a new and remarkable technology using Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) to produce an extremely accurate denture that will please you and your patients in record time.

In 2007, seven dental professionals gathered together to find an answer to solve the range of problems inherent to conventional denture procedures. After extensive research and numerous studies, these doctors developed a way to use CAD and CAM systems to aid in the analysis and manufacture of dentures. After testing this new method over the course of two years, they obtained the first license in the world to use a computerized 3-Dimensional structuring method to produce dentures.

Using this patented technology, dentists are able to save much more time by only needing to see the patient twice. The patient’s first visit simply consists of the doctor creating an impression using the DENTCA impression trays. Five (5) days after receiving the impression, DENTCA will have the final denture ready to ship out. The second visit consists of delivering the final denture to the patient.

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