Dental Assistant Jobs and resume tips

How to get employers to call you

How to get employers to call you, useful suggestions.

1. One page resume is the best.

Have someone read your resume, while timing them. It should take 1-2 minutes to read your resume. Employers or recruiters are scanning for KEY skills, create bullets highlighting Key Skills. Work history is number one area employers look.

2. Create bullets on resume highlighting key skills.

  • Software; List any software that pertains to your industry.
  • List ALL skills that you do well.
  • Categorize them in order: Skills, Software, Personality Traits, and Work History.
  • List any and all Certificates and Licenses that relate to your industry.

3. Work history; needs to look stable:

  • No employer wants to invest their time if you’re a [Job Hopper]. This is a huge expense for employers to hire and train. If employers see multiple jobs within one-two years your resume will end up in the trash.
  • Because of the recession many of you have had  to temp while pursuing long-term employment: If you have had a solid work history of temping; 2-4 years consider writing it this way on your resume:

    2010-present:  Professional Temp, Los Angeles, Ca

During an interview employers may ask for specific temp employers, give those names and phone numbers of the temp employers that you know will give you positive feedback when the employer calls.

4. Avoid listing each temp employer on your resume:

  • Especially if you have worked with multiple temp employers.
  • If you’re working with an employment agency, consider writing it this way:

    2010-Present: Company name of Agency, Los Angeles, Ca./ Phone Number and Contact:

Note: Employers will call; if you have a good relationship with that employment agency you will get a good reference:

5. Check if your email and phone number is correctly typed:

Employers can’t you call you if your email or phone numbers is mistyped on the resume

6. Resume Appearance:

Get a book on creating a good resume, or search google for topics on good resume examples. You have 1-2 minutes to catch the attention of an employer or recruiter otherwise your resume will get tossed.