attract best employees online

Attract best employees online

Proven strategies recruiters use to attract best employees online through online ads.

Learn 6 Powerful tips on what employers need to know about posting ads to online Job Boards to attract best employees online.

Whenever potential employees read your ad, you want to them to think, “Wow, I want that job!”

 1. Competitive salaries; do attract best employees online

Posting competitive salaries is the number one way to get the best candidates to respond to your ad. Be up front about what the position pays for top talent. If you are hiring an office manager, for example, and the going rate is $25 an hour, but you offer $17-$18 an hour, candidates will not respond to your ad. Most employees work to pay bills, pay rent or mortgages, and cover the rest of their basic expenses. Most employees live well above their budgets. As an employer, DO NOT forget those realities about your employees’ lives. Paying low salaries in hopes of keeping top candidates will only create a revolving door and you will have to absorb the costs of training, and the other costs of employee turn-over. You want the best candidates, not employees who will leave after a few months. Don’t play games with salaries. In the early stages of screening candidates, you will screen out those who pretend they can do the job for the salary you offer, but who really have no business in applying for the job.

2. Benefits; attract best employees online

If you are a small company, offer your employees money toward their personal medical insurance each month. Consider offering free dental care and family discounts toward dentistry, letting your employees cover the lab costs. Offering to pay toward child care or offering incentives for good job performances, are small prices to pay if they help you attract, hire, and keep valuable, long-term, employees. Acknowledge employees who perform well. Verbal acknowledgements are free, but they demonstrate you value employees’ job performance. Giving small tokens for work well done, like a gift card to a local shop or coffee shop, or having lunch delivered, will make employees feel appreciated.

3. Employee-longevity: Brag about it!

You’re entitled to some bragging rights when you seek new employees. If you’re a seasoned employer who has learned the secrets of retaining key employees, advertise it! One factor most long-term employees use to decide to accept a job, is knowing your employees have been with you a long time. That can indicate job security, which is something most employees want. Understanding the needs of employees, like security, will certainly motivate new hires to invest their time with your company.

4. Flexibility in schedules; attract best employees online

If your industry is female-dominant, many of your employees will have kids in day care, or in school. Being able to end their workday in time to pick up their kids, and being able to attend their children’s events, are extremely important, positive incentives you can offer. If you’re diverse in hiring, your older employees who do not have children at home can be flexible in their schedules and allow parents to have more time to spend with their kids. A number of studies have shown that the first 90 days are critical for helping people feel part of an employee team. When they do feel engaged and committed, they will be much more likely to help attain your company’s vision and goals.

5. Paid training:

If you’re a wise employer who realizes how competitive the marketplace is, you know that paying for furthering employees’ education and/or training, ensures positive performance. Include “paid training” in your ad. Keep your workplace positive; make sure your managers know their tasks, duties, and responsibilities in your work place. That will ensure employees will feel safe if they come to you with issues that may surface in the workplace. Training your staff in customer service techniques will ensure patient referrals. When managers are “clueless,” so are employees.

6. Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE):

Beyond gender, age or ethnicity, there are specific benefits in hiring older employees who have well-rounded life-experiences. Never assume an employee is too old and/or is incapable of learning new skills. Older employees generally have long, stable work histories. Consider including statements like, “Seeking employees who are proud of their strong work ethic and who consider themselves extremely reliable.” Most top employees take pride in those types of attributes they bring to, and can be acknowledged for having, in the work place.

Consider using recruiters in dental industry to seek the best candidates:

Consider Job Boards that are Industry Specific and target your specific business. Most Dental Agencies who have been in business for many years know the secrets of attracting top candidates. Ethical recruiters who have established long business relationships with their clients are very knowledgeable. Their reputations are based on knowing how to attract the best candidates. When you consider the time your staff takes to screen unqualified candidates, not to mention the cost of interviewing, ask yourself: 1) How do I measure my time in dollars? and 2) When I have interviewed several candidates and find none of them qualified, how much did that cost me in time and money? Established Dental Agencies are willing to work with you; most of all, they will cut your time and costs for finding the best candidates. Remember, it’s a business write off.