Benefits of Employer Membership Plans

  • Featured Job Postings are “Spotlighted” giving your Job Postings Top Priority automatically moving your ad to the Top of the List on the Homepage highlighted.

  • You can promote your Dental Practice Branding with your Company Profile Logo/Company photo in our Spotlight on the homepage, while still soliciting your Job Postings or Ads.

  • All Membership Packages all include Featured Job Postings. Platinum package you get $825 savings & Gold Package you get $240 savings. Job Posting visible for 30 days each. When you buy membership package, there are no time limits to use.

  • With All your Job Postings you can: Manage your Ads, Edit, Republish, Mark as Filled or Re-open. You can View Statistics; See all Job Seekers who have applied to your Job Postings and manage each applicant from your Statistics list as Read, Rejected or Accepted, making easy to remember what was done with each particular applicant.

  • is a Job Board for Dental Professionals only. It is owned and operated by seasoned Dental Recruiters since 1986 that Specialize exclusively in the Dental Industry. Your Job Postings will be put in front of thousands of Job Seekers nationwide directed to Hygienists, Dentist’s, RDA-EF’s RDA’s, DA’s, Dental Front office; Managers, Receptionists, Treatment Coordinators, in fact any dental professional seeking jobs.

  • Job Seekers who apply to your Job Postings will be notified by the Job Board when you have received their resume or email messages; a link to your Job listing will be sent in the email. This will save you time from having to notify each Applicant or Applicants that have responded to your Job Posting(s) or Ad(s). Job Seekers are also told in the email notification that they will be notified if their Job Qualifications meet the Criteria of the Job Posted.

  • is a Job Board that is designed to keep you informed with email notifications when your Job Postings are activated, or when an Applicant(s) has responded to your Job Posting(s) or when your Ad is about to expire or any Password changes. Here is a list of Email Notifications that you will receive; these titles will appear in the Subject Line of your email, see below:

  1. Your job listing has been saved
  2. Your Job Listing will expire soon
  3. Your login and password
  4. Verification Request
  5. Applicant has applied to Job posting
  6. Your job has been activated
  7. Your resume access has been granted



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