Dental assistant jobs part time online Ca

Dental assistant jobs part time online Ca

Find dental assistant jobs part time online Ca, search jobs free to all job seekers.

The Bad and Good of filling part time dental jobs, in general, weigh heavily on both the employer and employee. But more so for the dental employer.


The BAD part to dental assistant jobs part time online Ca. Some employers lack common sense when it comes to hiring part time employees.Dental assistant jobs part time online Ca

  1. Most employers hiring part time dental assistants do not think of the employee’s cost of living requirements. Those dental employers focus more on their costs and will only pay the lowest dollar amount they can get away with. That leads to high turnover.
  2. The biggest mistake dental employers make is to send workers home if their schedules fall apart. This forces the part time assistant to leave and seek secure work hours elsewhere.
  3. Part time dental assistants’ salaries are normally lower, so when dental employers hire part time assistants to save themselves money, it ends up costing them more because of the high turnover.
  4. Coordinating work days with part time employees hardly ever fits the employer’s need for specific work days.
  5. Dental employers are more likely to have high turnover of part time assistants. Due to lack of hours and their inability to meet the salary levels part time employees need to sustain a living.
  6. As the dental practice grows, the dentist will need more hours. Most times the dental assistant is still employed at the other part time job unable give more hours.

The GOOD part to dental assistant jobs part time online Ca is: Most times, part-time employment means more Dental assistant jobs part time online Ca money and flexible schedules, especially if you’re continuing your education.

  1. Dental employment agencies can negotiate more money for part time assistants because they have large pools of skilled dental employees who are seeking to supplement their part time jobs with temp jobs.
  2. As an established dental recruiter since 1986, I have seen a huge increase in the numbers of dental employers who hire part time dental assistants.
  3. New dental practices are more likely to hire part time dental assistants because they are establishing their patient base.
  4. Dental agencies are more likely to have more part time dental jobs because of the high turnover rates dental employers are experiencing. There is high turnover because the employers are unable to give enough hours to sustain part-time workers’ needs.
  5. Dental assistants who are registered with dental employment agencies can supplement days off with another part-time or temporary job.
  6. The more established the dental agency, the better your chances of finding supplemental work. Most cases they can coordinate off days with the dental employee to the desired days the employer is seeking.

Solutions for the new dental practice, or the employers seeking part time dental employees:  Dental assistant jobs part time online Ca

  • Dental employers with new practices can post dental assistants jobs part time online California here
  • Hiring temporarily from dental employment agencies, while building your patient base, can save money when your schedule falls apart. Seeking established dental agencies in your local areas can help coordinate suitable staff to fit your work schedule.