Dental employers hiring employee sabotage

Dental employers hiring employee sabotage

Dental employers hiring employee sabotage the cause:

The likely cause of employee sabotage, some think their employer has done them wrong.

Reasons why some dental employees sabotage newly hired staff:

  • Dental employers hiring employee sabotage
  • Current employee felt they should have got the job, not the new employee.
  • Disgruntle staff members feel unheard and ignored.
  • Some feel overlooked and unappreciated.
  • Fear new employee may take their job.
  • Bitter staff members may thrive on being negative and take pleasure in seeing someone fail.

Dental employers hiring employee sabotage be on the lookout for:

  • Signs that current staff members aren’t supporting the new hire.
  • Check whether employees are gossiping about the new employee.
  • Some employees who don’t like new hires or any change will bad-mouth the employer.
  • The new employee may feel fearful of retaliation from other staff members if they say something.

Dental employers hiring employee sabotageSigns that a co-worker is undermining you:

  • Takes credit for your work.
  • Sets you up by planting things in your head.
  • Your gut tells you something is not right about them.
  • They’re fake and they put you on the defensive.
  • Two-faced and talks behind others backs.

Dental employers hiring employee sabotage and the cost for keeping disgruntled employees.

Employee turnover can cost an average of 6- to 9-months of salary loss, according to some studies. As a dental recruiter who has placed dental employees for over 33 years, the biggest problem is employer denial. Some employers turn a blind eye, fear they will lose their long-term employee that has ran their office for years.

The real cost of losing an employee?

Dental employers hiring employee sabotage



  • Time and the cost of advertising, interviewing, screening new employees.
  • Loss of productivity; it may take a new employee one year to reach the level of the past employee.
  • Employee dis-engagement; employees who see high turnover will continue to look for other jobs.
  • New employees are often less adept and take longer to resolve problems.
  • Cost for other employees to stop what they’re doing, postpone their duties to train new hire.



Best practice for employer retention of employees:

  • Employees need to feel safe to come to you.
  • Staff members who feel heard and appreciated are more likely to stay.
  • Never assume employees are happy; create a high-feedback environment. Dental employers hiring employee sabotage
  • Act immediately toward disgruntled employees.
  • School yourself on proven retention strategies, not guesswork.
  • Implement a health benefits program, like (QSEHRA) qualified small employer health reimbursement arrangement.