Dental jobs hiring mistakes

Dental jobs hiring mistakes

Dental jobs hiring mistakes by employers, with over 33 years as dental recruiter in the dental industry. Dental practices small or large with HR, had the same hiring mistakes. Here are just a few examples of typical employer mistakes.

Employer’s hiring assumptions based on age: Young vs. Old:

  • Common remarks from employers on older employees; “they’re set-in their ways” “unwilling to change” or “too slow”. This is the number one mistake by employers.
  • See survey of 10,000 participants from ages 24-80, far fewer differences between the age groups in the workforce worldwide.

Dental jobs hiring mistakesA good rule of thumb is to base all employees, young or old on their:

  • Attitude
  • Character
  • Stable work history
  • Work ethic

Dental jobs hiring mistakes employers make regarding Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA):

  • Employers who terminate an employee for taking leave or serious health condition protected by FMLA, could lead to wrongful termination.
  • Read more on FMLA overview

Dental employers hiring friends and family in the workplace:

  • Dental jobs hiring mistakes
  • Rules that do not apply to friends or family will lead to high turnover and affect morale.
  • Friends or family who see each other socially outside of work, this can lead to personal conflicts.

Dental jobs hiring mistakes, employers that hire candidates exclusively on their looks:

  • Some employers who use social media to screen candidates. They need to tread carefully to make sure they’re not screening out candidates based on age, sex or ethnicity.
  • Employers who hire solely on looks only while discounting skills, can expect high employee turn over.
  • Please review article by Steven Greenhouse, “Going for looks, but risking

Conclusion; dental jobs hiring mistakes by employers:

  • Ignorance of the law will not excuse you from prosecution. Dental jobs hiring mistakes
  • The best defense as an employer is to educate yourself on labor laws.