Dental jobs online Ca work ethic

Dental jobs online Ca work ethic

Dental jobs online Ca work ethic, can you make more money with a good work ethic? Yes, you can, in the right dental practice. Employers who value a strong work ethic know how valuable this employee is to their practice.

What is a good work ethic?

A good work ethic is a set of values based on the ideals of discipline and hard work, and includes good habits, such as focusing, staying motivated, and finishing tasks immediately.

What are the traits of someone with a good work ethic?

  • Honesty
  • Strong Integrity
  • Good attitude
  • Self-motivation
  • Reliability
  • Responsibility
  • Flexibility
  • Willingness to work hard
  • Confidence in skills
  • Openness to learning

Dental jobs online Ca work ethic, how you can make more money by showing your employer:

Dental jobs online Ca work ethic

  • You put the dental practice first.
  • Showing respect to everyone in the workplace.
  • You follow how your employer wants things done; doing it your way only shows how inflexible you are.
  • Managing your time with your job duties.
  • Be honest about your weaknesses and willing to learn a different way to get things done.
  • You’re dependable so you do not burden others in the office.

What is a bad work ethic?

  • Running constantly late, you simply don’t value anyone’s time.
  • Always making excuses why something went wrong.
  • Clock watcher you lack motivation.
  • Doing the bare minimum to avoid getting fired.
  • Gossiping about others, finding fault in everything.
  • Thinking you’re the smartest person in the practice and everyone else is stupid
  • Lacking respect for the dentist(s) and the values of the practice.

What if you have strong work ethic but the wrong employer?

How do you know you’re with the wrong employer? Here are a few examples?

Dental jobs online Ca work ethic

  • Dental employer under pays you and expects you to work long hours.
  • Dentist is disrespectful toward you and everyone around him/her.
  • The employer only cares about money and does poor quality work on the dental patient.
  • Dishonesty in everything the employers does, cuts corners and reuses equipment that should have been thrown away.
  • If any of those situations are true for you, it’s time to find another dental job, google dental staffing agencies in your area.
  • Find dental jobs online.

Dental jobs online Ca work ethic, what are the qualities of an ethical person?

An ethical person shows respect to all team members by listening, valuing their contributions, being truthful, fair and honest.