Dental jobs resume must-do tips

Dental jobs resume must-do tips

Dental jobs resume must-do tips, 5 top things you need to include in your resume.

1. Avoid spelling errors:

Dental jobs resume must-do tips

  • Spelling errors is the number one reason employers or recruiters will pass on your resume.
  • Basic spelling errors, such as misspelling “dental” or “assistant” will surely prompt employers to toss your resume in the trash can.
  • Attention to details (grammar, punctuation). Have someone in your family or a friend read your resume for simple spelling errors. Grammar can easily be fixed by software such as Microsoft Word’s Check for Spelling and Grammar.
  • Even AFTER you run your resume through “spell check,” have someone read it to ensure there are no errors.


2. Dental jobs resume must-do tips is to show a stable Work History:


Dental jobs resume tips

  • Stable work history will always rank highest with employers and recruiters.
  • Group short-term jobs. For example, if you were temping the last 2-3 years in multiple jobs.
  • Use this example: 2015 to 2018 various temp assignments:
  • Do NOT list every job that shows 1-6 months, group them using example above so it shows stable history.
  • Use a resume template or layout and formatting for ease of reading.




3. Listing all dental software in your resume is a must-do:

  • Knowledge of the software that a prospective employer is currently using will get you in the door much faster.
  • Dental employers are likely to hire you if you have experience with their software along with other skill sets, they’re seeking.


4. Dental jobs resume must-do tips list all Skill Sets:

Dental jobs resume must-do tips

  • List every skill set you have, such as making temp crowns or night guards. If you have worked in a front office list all skills that you have used in that capacity.
  • To ensure you cover all your skill sets, take a sheet of paper and list every skill set you have experience with.
  • Now add them to your resume.



5. List your City, Phone and email:

Dental jobs resume must-do tips

  • There are only TWO ways dental employer or recruiters will reach you, email and phone.
  • List only your city and zip code on your resume if you do not want your address exposed.
  • Make sure your email is correct and professional and is working.
  • Look at your phone number to make sure it is correct; this is a simple error that is common.



The best resource to use for making sure your resume is well done:

  • Using dental staffing agencies to help you find jobs. They will automatically fix your resume for free.
  • Google local dental agencies in your area, using this keyword search phrase dental agencies near me.
  • Seasoned dental recruiters established for many years, will get you in the door faster than any job board.
  • Have resume writers do a professional resume, this will cost money but worth it.