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Resume Tips Dental Assistants

6 Common sense ideas that will catch the attention of Dental Employers or Dental Recruiters just by following a couple of these Resume Tips Dental Assistants will make a huge difference rather you get a response. Try these Resume Tips Dental Assistants guaranteed to get results

Key Resume Tips Dental Assistants

List every skill you have on a piece of paper. Add it to your resume

Don’t be like most job seekers! Every employer looks for skill sets in your resume, so list every skill you have. For example, if you’re a Registered Dental Assistant and your skills include: Digital X-rays; Sealants; Night Guards; Construct Temp Crowns; and 3-4 Unit Bridges; make sure to include all of those in your resume. Dental recruiters will skim resumes for skill sets; if your resume lacks skill sets your resume won’t even be skimmed. List everything you know; the more skills you put in your resume, the better.

List all Dental Software:

This is an absolute. If a dentist does NOT have to train you on his/her software, he/she may pick you instead of someone who does not list dental software. Think about it. What dental office does NOT have a computer? Put all dental software you have worked with. If you can’t remember all the programs, get on the phone and start calling past employers. If you left an employer on bad terms, you can always have someone call for you.

Spelling Errors:

This is a leading cause why job seekers do not get a job! This is an absolute must: Check, double-check, and have someone else check your resume for spelling errors. Have someone edit your resume. Run it through a grammar check. Reading it out loud will help you catch errors, too. Most word processing software has a spell checker. Employers will NOT hire someone in who submits a resume with spelling errors.

You must show a STABLE work history:

Consolidate all of your short-term employment. If you look like a JOB-HOPPER, you will not get the best jobs. Employers are looking for stable work histories on your resume. Your chances are slim for getting a well-paying job – or any job, if you show multiple jobs with less than one year each.

Use good quality resume-paper:

Never use “bright” or colored paper for the resume you present in person or mail to a prospective employer. Use ONLY white or off-white paper of good quality. Never write with a pen to update your typed resume. Have your resume professionally done. Read, re-read and edit the final copy. A poorly written resume can keep you from getting a job.

Don’t forget your number or email:

How do you expect an employer to get it touch with you if you don’t include your phone number and/or email? As a dental recruiter for over 35 years, I can’t tell you how many times I received a resume from an ad I posted that did not include a current number, nor had email. Make sure to use large bold fonts so your number and email stand out. When applying to Dental Job Boards, Dental Ads DO NOT FORGET TOO INCLUDE YOUR NUMBER AND EMAIL.

Never Bad Mouth Past Employers (even if you feel you’re right):

Okay, you’ve followed these Resume Tips Dental Assistants. Now, you’ve made it to an in-person interview or you are doing a phone interview. Whatever you do, when you explain the reason you left your last job, never show or express your anger! Never BAD MOUTH your last employer, even if you had a bad experience. Remember, prospective employers may take your words and attitude personally. They may think you are a trouble-maker. You can learn from every experience. Most times, when you leave an employer, you will always find fault with him/her, or with the job. Be willing to look at your part of why you left, or were terminated. Learn from those mistakes.