Front office Manager and Insurance Biller

Hi My name is Nora Nikaein, I have been in the Dental field for about fifteen years, I Love what I do. I have only three job experiences, but all doing the same front office manager.

I worked with Doctor Irina Mizin, D.D.S. in West Los Angles five years, doing front office.

Then I worked with Doctor Delfin Tio, D.D.S. in La Crescenta, front office manager for five years. Now I am working for three years, doing same thing front office.
My job duties include:
Answering phones, Schedule new patients appointments, Verify their Insurance PPO/HMO.
Register all new patients in the computer, Do treatment presentation, and collect co-pays, Apply Care Credit on line, Recalls, Statements, Call Labs for pick ups, Follow up all pending claims, do all billing and Approvals electronically with xrays and periodontal charts, Etc...
You may contact my last two Employers for reference, they will by happy to talk to you.

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Front office Manager and Insurance biller @ Northridge Family Dental Center
Jan 2015 — Current

My job description is everything you do in a Dental office.

from start to finish, I am the only person doing everything!
Answer phones, verify Insurances PPO/HMO, register new patients
in the system, make new charts, explain treatment plan to patients, and enter
in the system, collect co-payments, Apply for Care Credit on line, make next
appointments, call labs for pick up, send recalls, send statements for Deductible,
follow up all pending claims not paid or Approved, print day sheet with all production
and collection, resubmit EOBs with either xrays or perio charts, etc. etc. etc.

Certifications & Licenses

I have dental Xray License
I have valid driver license.
I am US Citizen, have the certificate.

Will bring you these papers, upon request ok!! No problem

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