Front desk
  • Redwood City, California
  • 08/31/2020

My name is Jocelyn Cauich . I am 21 years old . I live in Redwood City , born & raised . I currently work for Redwood City Western Dental . I applied for Western Dental to improve my communication skills as well as gain knowledge in the dental field . At Western Dental , I help patients feel comfortable when coming in . I check insurances ( Medi-Cal, work or private ) prior to patients visits to answer any financial questions they might have . I also have learned treatments and why it is important to tell our patients why they should visit a dentist about every 6 months . I take payments as well . I did start training to be a patient coordinator, which helps patients with their contracts , however I didn’t really like that position . I do want to be more hands on , for example learning about sterilizing , eventually studying to receive my DA

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