Experienced Registered Dental Assistant

Experienced RDA with exceptional skills such as:
Great fabrication of temporary crowns
Accurate alginate impressions for partials and full dentures
Quality diagnostic xrays
Temporary fillings such as Cavit and IRM
Great charting skills
Excellent communication skills
Extensive knowledge of dental procedures

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Sep 2010 — Jun 2012

Riverside City College- Associates Science degree 06/2012
American Career College-Pharmacy Technician License 4/2000
National Education Center- Dental Assistant Diploma 4/1995
Centennial High School – Diploma 6/1992


RDA @ American Dental Partners
Apr 2012 — Mar 2014

RDA. American Dental Partners, Riverside, CA 4/2012-3/2014
Assist the general dentist with patients. Take and expose quality dental x-rays. Fabricate exceptional temporary crowns. Place temporary fillings, Alginate Impressions for study models, dentures and bleaching trays. Perform coronal polishing with fluoride. Cleaned excess permanent cements. Sterilized instruments. I also helped raised profits by developing a recall system with my team, ordered supplies, confirmed appointments, and followed up with patients regarding their unfinished treatment. Processed pre authorization’s for continuing care. I helped train new employees on procedures and policies within the company. I‘ve been successful at marketing their treatment and getting them to commit to their dental care.

RDA. Social Action Community Healthcare, San Bernardino, CA 06/2011-02/2012
I assisted 4 doctors with patients who included: General Dentistry, Pedodontics and Oral Surgery.
Take and expose x-rays. Performed coronal polishing for 3 dentists and 1 hygienist. Took alginate impressions for stayplates, partials, full dentures and study models. I also fabricated temporary crowns; single and multiple units.

RDA. Veteran’s Affairs Healthcare Center, Los Angeles, CA 10/07-08/08
I sterilized instruments, took digital x-rays, assisted 2 doctors with patients and also recorded perio markings for the hygienist. Made quality temporary crowns and performed coronal polishing as well. Scheduled appointments, answered phones and also filed charts. I helped to establish the homeless dental program for veterans at this dental clinic. I demonstrated exceptional leadership skills by facilitating the process of making this dental clinic a reality.

RDA. Carol J. Brooks DDS, Inglewood, CA 02/06-06/07
Chair side assistant for adults and children. Fabricated temporary crowns, impressions for partials, study models and full dentures. I poured and trimmed models. Sterilized instruments, maintained all dental equipment and reduced costs in ordering the supplies. I negotiated lower lab fees for crown and bridge cases. Front office duties included: filing charts, answering phones, billing insurance and I managed all accounts receivable

RDA. Care Dental Clinic/ St. Mary Medical Center, Long Beach, CA 09/01-02/06
In this dental facility, I answered phones, scheduled appointments, filed charts and billed Medi-Cal and other PPO insurances. Demonstrated strict sterilization protocol following OSHA and JCAHO hospital regulations. I assisted 2 dentists with immune compromised patients. Duties in back included: taking x-rays, coronal polishing, fabricating temporary crowns, bleaching trays and custom trays. I ordered supplies and sterilized instruments.

RDA. Carol J. Brooks DDS, Inglewood, CA 04/95-04/01
Answered phones, billed PPO and HMO insurances. Scheduled appointments ,filed charts and managed collections. I sterilized instruments, assisted the doctor with adults and children. Took and exposed diagnostic dental x-rays. Performed coronal polishing , fabricated temporary crowns. I took alginate impressions for dentures and also poured and trimmed them. Bleaching trays, crown and bridge impressions and sealants.

Certifications & Licenses

Xray License
RDA License
Coronal Polishing

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