Dental Office Manager
Dental Office Manager
  • Elk Grove, California
  • 01/17/2019

Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science with a concentration in Occupational/Environmental Health and Safety. OSHA 30 Certified. Over 20 years’ experience in office management including State/Federal OHSA and HIPPA standards, policy, safety and risk management, compliance, as well as economic and employment impact on employer.

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Master of Science in Water Resource Policy & Management, Native American Law. College of Liberal Arts and Social Science @ East Central University
Dec 2018 — Current

The Master of Science in Water Resource Policy and Management supports the need for an advanced understanding of the growing complexity of water issues that face communities in the state, nation, and global. This degree trains students for leadership in making water policy decisions and prepares students who seek employment within federal and state environmental agencies, environmental non-governmental organizations, international development agencies, industry and environmental consulting firms.

The program requires students to integrate and synthesize knowledge from multiple disciplines to address the complex challenges of water resource decisions and to develop solutions that are socially acceptable, politically and economically viable, and environmentally sustainable. Students will be broadly trained to undertake careers in managing water resources and in guiding or making water resource policy decisions.


IT Security Policy/Procedure Writer @ Sierra Supertech
Nov 2018 — Current

As a Policy/Procedure Writer I coordinate with the IT Manager and or the administration of the company’s database and business intelligence systems. My position is responsible for the detailed technical and analytical work in the development and support of standardized and/or customized reports for clear communication of technical information to technical and non-technical users. In conjunction with management I analyze the business processes, workflows and training materials for improvement opportunities and, when needed, I help define the operational impact of proposed modifications. I develop, modify, enhance and test for accuracy new and existing materials to document operational end-to-end process flows while integrating across multiple platforms and software like Microsoft 365, Excel, Word, Power Point, Access, Adobe, PC and Mac. I document findings of workflow study and prepare recommendations for revised policies, procedures and departmental workflow changes while collaborating with end-users to identify best practices and solutions. I maintain the Master Document Control Listing and ensure compliance with documentation procedures while ensuring technical accuracy, adequacy, and quality of technical publications by applying quality control processes and checks according to the International Organization for Standardization recommendations and OSHA. My role captures, develops, and documents data definitions, business rules/regulations, and data quality requirements.

Certifications & Licenses

License and Affiliations
• OSHA 30 Certified
• Radiology (X-Ray Certification).
• Licensed Registered Dental Assistant expanded functions and IV sedation in the State of California.
• CPR, AED and First Aide Certificate.
• OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Certification
• Certified Counselor- Good Samaritan
• Incident/Accident (root causes) Investigation Certified
• Extinguisher Maintenance Certified
• Decision Driving OSHA Certified
• Asbestos Certified
• Dental Practice Management Certified
• International Air Academy-Event Planning Certified
• Boat Safety Certified
• Motorcycle Safety Certified
• Aerobic/Kinetics Safety
• Clackamas County Juvenile Drug Court Certified
• National Safety Council Defensive Driving Certified

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