How do I Browse resumes?

While logged in as an employer, select “Resumes” from the employer drop down menu. From Browse Resumes page, select the resume you want to preview. To purchase a resume or resumes click “Purchase” choose from the list of purchase options.

Job Seekers who have created a Resume on Dental Jobs Plus can choose to have their resume viewed by employers or recruiters.  However it is not a true indicator of the number of Registered Applicants with Dental Jobs Plus.   Registered Applicants can also opt NOT to have their resumes viewed by employers or recruiters. They will simply apply to Job Postings from the list of Jobs by attaching their resumes to employer or recruiter Job Postings.

If Employer’s or Recruiters choose to purchase resumes, you will receive an email. In your email inbox look for this subject line: “Your resume access has been granted.”  Click on the link to the resume.  Select Contact Candidate, and send your contact information. A copy of the resume will remain in your resume purchases online.

You can also copy and paste the details of the resume and save it to your computer.