Why can’t I upload my resume to Dental Jobs Plus?

You will only be able upload your resume when you apply to Employers or Recruiters Job Postings or Ads from the Open Positions. When you first register with DentalJobsPlus.com, you have the option to “Create” an Online Resume that is easy to read.

Once you complete your online resume, the only details an Employer or Recruiter sees are these:  Name, Education, Experience, Certifications & Licenses, Profile Summary. By clicking “View Resume” you will see what the “Employer or Recruiter” sees.  The only time the Employer or Recruiter sees your Phone or Email, is when they want to contact you by selecting your resume. You will then receive an email from the employer or recruiter with their contact details.

“Name, Education, Experience, Certifications & Licenses, Profile Summary.”

The key point is to fully complete the above areas on your online resume, and you will ensure employers & recruiters will see current details. Make sure to complete your “Profile Summary,” add any and all skills; the more details you give on your skills, the better your chances that they will contact you. Don’t forget to include all dental software worked with. By adding all dental software, employers will more likely pick someone that has experience with their software, so that they don’t have to train you. You can also say you’re “computer savvy” if you have worked on multiple software programs. If you get a job, and you want to remove your resume details, select delete after you login.

The benefit of completing your online Resume Details is that you have registered employers or recruiters replying to your resume; even if they don’t post jobs, they will have access to resumes.

Note: If you want to “Block” your First & Last name from Employers for confidential reasons, type “Confidential” in the first & last name area. Click “View Resume” to see what they see.