How do I View my Active Listings?

You must be logged in to see your Active Listings. From the Active Listings page you can view.

Active Listings: number of active listings  Expired Listings: number of expired job listings (ads)

Expires: Date Job Postings expires

Title: Job Titles for your Job Postings

Statistics: Lists all the Job Seekers that responded to your ad.

If you have active Job Postings you will see this icon to the right of your listing.

By clicking this gear, Gear Icon

Active Listings Manage

Active Listings Manage

You manage your Job Postings; View Job, Edit Job, Republish your Ad, Applicants (see applicants who applied to your Job Postings-Ad), Mark as Filled, or Mark as not filled. Note: You will only get “Mark as not filled” if you have marked your ad as Filled.