traits of bad employers

Traits of Bad Employers

Traits of Bad Employers … does your employer make the list of the top 15 worst traits?

Find out what other Dental Assistants and Hygienists say about traits of bad employers from Hell.

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                                                                                                                Bad Employers:
traits of bad employers1. Are always right and always micromanage you; they rule employees through fear.
2. Humiliate you in front of others.
3. Intentionally do things so you will quit, too avoid paying unemployment.
4. Throw objects at you if something goes wrong.
5. Change their minds frequently and blame you for not doing your job.
6. Constantly rehash negative events and search for faults in employees, never themselves.
7. Blame employees quickly when something goes wrong.
8. Speak rudely, when simple, positive communication would correct a problem.
9. Fail to communicate with you so you do not know where you stand, or if you are meeting expectations.
10. Intimidate you and allow other employees to bully you.
11. Choose favorite employees and make excuses for their errors.
12. Give favorites better schedules, more attention, and spend time with them outside of work.
13. Fail to provide the time for you to respond to accusations.
14. Take credit for successes, while throwing you under the bus.
15. Under pay you, but say that is what other employers’ pay, when they know differently.

Traits of Bad Employers that treat you badly, it is time to look for another job.

If your employer has even some of these traits, it is time to look for another job, search for industry specific Dental Job Boards or seek out Industry Specific Dental Recruiters that specialize in Dental industry. Most Job Boards have free Dental Job Alerts sign up and get Job Alerts in your email. If you are able to try out in the job first, before you leave your current job, you will hear what other employees say about that prospective employer.

Find out the common question employers ask (see our article on Common questions Employers ask in Interviews.) The article suggests questions to ask employers as well. Something to think about, if an employer has been in practice for a long time, and no one stays less than a year, run! There is something wrong with that employer.

Finally, learning to recognize some of these Traits of Bad Employers will help you understand that, in most cases, it is the employer and not you. Do NOT waste any time searching for a new job. Employers with these traits may never change. In fact, it is more likely they will destroy your morale. Low morale could have negative effects on how you perform in your next job.

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