1st Impression job Interview-tips

1st Impression job Interview-tips

1st Impression job Interview-tips, you literally have two seconds to make a first impression the minute you walk in the door for your interview.

There are 4 major steps to getting hired.

1. 1st Impression job Interview-tips what to wear you have 2 seconds visually:

  • Think and dress professionally: wear solid colors NEVER SEXY, no low tops. No wriggled, stained or animal hair on clothing.
  • Make-up should be very conservative daywear.
  • No hair dye in bright colors (purple, green etc.)
  • Nails must be nicely manicured, clean, no bright colors, NO CHIPPED nail polish.
  • Never wear perfume on your interview. You risk the employer being allergic or that he/she won’t like the smell.
  • Jewelry must be ultra conservative, NO nose or tongue piercings.
  • Shoes need to match what you’re wearing, super clean with no black scuff marks on the back of the shoes.
  • Hose: if you’re interviewing in a dress you must wear pantyhose/hose, no fishnets or bare legs.
  • Tattoos cover all visible tattoos.
  • No chewing and smacking your gum during an interview, or you can kiss the job goodbye.
  • Smoking prior to the interview will guarantee you will not get the job. Non-smokers can smell you a mile away.

Who would you hire for a receptionist position?

1st Impression job Interview-tips1st Impression job Interview-tipsjob Interview-tips



2. Body Language says more than what comes out of your mouth:

  • job Interview-tipsMake eye contact and have a genuine smile for everyone you meet when you walk in the door; avoid looking away.
  • Sit poised no slumping be as professional as you can.
  • Handshake slightly firm look into their eyes with a nice smile.
  • Stance/posture should be confident, avoid acting meek.
  • Voice do not be afraid to with speak with conviction about your skill sets in the workplace.
  • Yawning during the interview will say you’re bored and put employer on the defensive.


 3. What you say and ask during your interview:

If an employer asks you, “Do you have any questions for us?” Always answer YES, otherwise you may appear indifferent or uninterested to the employer.


  • Never ask if medical benefits cover pregnancy leave; they will think you plan to get pregnant.
  • How do you measure success in the workplace?
  • Who do I go to if I see ways to streamline things to save money for the practice?
  • What are your expectations from employees you hire?
  • What are the exact duties for this position you are hiring for?
  • How long have you kept employees in this position? (This will give you some idea of how long the employer keeps their employees. If they say the longest is one year, this may not be a good job fit for you)
  • Do research on the dentist; look at their website; check reviews.

4. 1st Impression job Interview-tips resume presentation

  • A poorly written resume can affect you getting a job.
  • Basic spelling errors, such as misspelling “dental” or “assistant” will surely prompt employers to toss your resume in the trash can.
  • Never write with a pen to update your resume if it’s in typed format.
  • If you’re interviewing in person, do not use “bright” colored or cheap paper.
  • Look for good quality resume paper.
  • If you’re emailing your resume or uploading to online jobs posted by employers make sure the appearance of your resume looks nicely formatted.
  • Have your resume done by a professional or you can search online for how to write a resume online for free.
  • See our article Dental jobs resume must-do tips.

Using dental staffing agencies near you, google these key word phrases:

1st Impression job Interview-tips dental jobsType these phrases in google, to search for dental agencies in your area.