Dental jobs online women 50 employment tips California

Dental jobs online women 50 employment tips California

Dental jobs online women 50 employment tips California for the dental industry. Be competitive, research current trends and take action.

Exude confidence! You’ve earned it!

In most cases, wisdom earned from 50 years of life experience makes you a little wiser than your younger co-workers. Insight over youth is one quality you can exude with confidence, but it’s also wise to keep up with current trends. You got 20 more years to go in the job market. Get competitive! Be smart.

Think competitive, do your homework:

Dental jobs online women 50 employment tips CaliforniaMost employers you meet may be younger than you. DO NOT let them assume you’re too old to handle the job and learn new things. The biggest myth among younger workers and employers is that at your age you’re set in your ways and unable to change.

Dental jobs online women 50 employment tips California is for the women that feel they’re too old to be competitive. If you were born in the 40’-50’s think back on things that have become obsolete. Remember 8-track cassette players? Once they were new, just like your skills were new when you began working in the dental field. You can change that!

Get in the game. If your skills are outdated, no one will want to hire you. Dentists want to hire people who are driven and have gone the extra mile to learn current market trends.

One competitive edge would be to educate yourself on marketing techniques for dental practices. Customer service, social media, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for the dental profession.

Dress the part and think professional:

Scientific research proves that you have two seconds to make your first impression. (See our article on Interview tips for women.)  With over 30 years as a dental recruiter placing dental professionals in jobs, I can assure you, the first impression is everything.

Arrive early, look like you are ready to step into position. Pay attention to the environment. Have one to three professional outfits for interviewing, free of stains and well fitted. Hygiene and hair style are all part of your interview strategy.

Never wear sexy attire to an interview. Do not wear noisy jewelry.

Common questions dental employers ask:

Dental jobs online women 50 employment tips CaliforniaOne of the most stressful parts of any interview is not knowing what questions you are going to be asked. Make sure you are ready for interview questions. Placing dental professionals for over 30 years, I can share the most-asked questions and you can see them in our article on Common Questions Employers ask in Interviews.

Be sharp, clear, and concise. Watch body language. Listen to each question, make sure your responses do not sound scripted. Take a few minutes to formulate your answer.

Dental jobs online women 50 employment tips California with top dental employers:

Manners are important; a simple handshake and a “thank you” can go a long way.

The biggest tip I can give is this: Send a thank you card to the employer for those jobs that you really want. Be genuine with your words.

After the interview, follow up:

Dental jobs online women 50 employment tips CaliforniaDo not make constant follow-up phone calls. If you have not heard back from the employer after one week move on.