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Interview-tips Hired Not Hired

Interview-tips Hired Not Hired is a detailed history of over 35 years working as a dental recruiter. There will be no fluff here. You are going to get the cold, hard facts of what you need to do to get hired, whether you are a dental assistant or dental office manager interviewing for a dental job.


Here are simple steps to follow to get that perfect job from a Dental job recruiter who has spent over 35 years placing dental professionals. There are consequences for lazy attempts to get a top paying dental job.

Here are 3 major points to getting a job: being on time, what to wear, and resume tips.

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Being on time: The day of the interview for a dental assistant job, the date and time are set:

Interview tips Hired Not Hired Be On Time

  1. Being on time is at the top of the 3 reasons you do NOT get hired. If you are late by 10-20 minutes kiss the job goodbye.
  2. Definition of being on time: When you get to the location, you are waiting 10-30 minutes be before the interview. This would be a good time, to calm down and relax, get yourself mentally prepared.
  3. Rehearse your answers to common questions employers may ask you. Preparing for the interview, covers a lot of areas. Resume preparation is just as important.
  4. Your resume must be updated and current: If your resume is outdated over 4 years, you are telling the employer you are not prepared.
  5. Never smoke a cigarette before your interview, a nonsmoker can smell you 100 feet away.
  6. You have about two seconds to make a first impression — positive or negative — at an interview. Refer below about what to wear.
  7. Fashion accessories of what to wear jewelry, clothes, and shoes.
  8. Resume preparation is one factor you can control. Simple spelling errors say a lot to a seasoned interviewer.

What to wear: Interview-tips Hired Not Hired, here is a simple list to make a positive first impression.

Interview tips Hired not Hired What to Wear

  1. You have two seconds to make your first impression. Try to remember when someone walked into an interview wearing jeans. Can you remember what you thought?
  2. The clothes you wear to an interview could be a huge factor.
  3. Your body language, stance, posture, and facial expressions also make impressions quickly.
  4. How you speak and what you say will have an impact on the hiring decision.
  5. We have a detailed article that covers this information here: 1st Impression job Interview-tips



Resume tips: Fits right in with Interview-tips Hired Not Hired.

Interview Tips Hired not Hired resume tips

  1. Spelling errors are on the top of the list of reasons for not getting hired, especially if you have worked in the dental industry for many years.
  2. Take the time to read your resume or have someone else read it.
  3. Does your work history show 6 months here, 3 months there, maybe one year at the last 4 jobs? You must look stable. Do not worry about getting every job in; it is more important to look stable.
  4. Have you taken the time to list all the skills you are good at?
  5. List all dental software you have worked with. The employer is more likely to hire you if you know their software.
  6. When you email your resume to a dental employer, you MUST add your city and zip code.
  7. We answer all these questions in our article Dental jobs resume must-do tips.